January 14, 2012

Mostly awesome and just a little bit awkward Thursday. [On Saturday]

Okay, so it's not completely an awkward and awesome Thursday, it's mostly just an awesome Thursday this week; and I know I am a little bit behind but so much goodness has happened that I couldn't stand with just ignoring it.

1. It is finally Thursday in what seems like the longest week ever!
2. Got to go to my first interning day. I.Love.It. Love those babies already! Amazing. Stayed until 5:30 with my new teacher and could NOT stop gushing once I left. Seriously, some good stuff.
3. 3-day weekend's.
4. Best friend's birthdayy coming up!

my new intern ID badge!

1. Awkward and Awesome Thursday.... on Saturday. Oh yeahh.
2. Doing a fire drill at work and then not being able to reset the alarm... meanwhile the entire building goes BACK in. Ummm hello people do you not notice that an extremely loud alarm is still going off?!
3. Text Messages. Specifically ones that read along the lines of "I think your eyes get bluer every time I see you!" hahahaha made me giggle.
4. Working the desk during the first week of classes when everyone and their mother orders packages. Sorry I can't find your particular package underneath the other 29384039898 million...

All the packages. And I couldn't even fit them all in the picture! Hundreds I tell you!

Happy Weekending.
xoxo, Lo

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