February 14, 2012

Weekend Part 2.

I forgot to add this lovely gem to my weekend post. But it is just so wonderful I couldn't not share. I love this girl.


What we were both really thinking as this entire scene played out.

Happy Tuesday.
xoxo, Lo

February 13, 2012

Fear? Conquered.

I love teaching. As nerdy as that sounds I really honestly do. And today we got to go to the Ropes course. Which is exactly what it sounds like. I climbed up on a huuuuggeeeee log [similar to the one in the picture] and then only attached to a little rope and harness I walked out and across a log. Now would be a fair time to mention that I'm not the most fond of heights. But repelling down to the ground was so worth the fear. What a rush.

Next item on the list skydiving? Any takers? We'll see if I make it that far.
xoxo, Lo

A little bit of Weekend.

Well today was rough. Rough because I had quite arguably the best. weekend. ever. For one, I love birthday's of people I love. And this weekend I got to celebrate this lovely lady's birthday!

I have the bestest momma in the whole entire universe.

And some amazing friends to spend the weekend with.

Happy Birthday Momma!

Basically it was an amazingly perfect weekend. With amazingly perfect people.

A little sampling of our very own Sangria! Thank you Pinterest. :)

1. Got to roadtrip it up with some of my favorite people.
2. Have grown-up discussions on the current situation of Public School Education vs. Private School Education. [Who are we!?]
3. Drive with the windows down and the sun-roof open.
4. Almost but not quite break boy's car window as we borrowed it for driving around town [it was actually already open someone just didn't share that fact- picture a leeeeeetle bit of squealing!]
5. Coffee shop dates with best friends and second momma's.
6. Birthday Dinner[s]!
7. Birthday Blessings at Church.
8. Surprise visits from momma's best friend and old college roommate!
9. Take-out dinner's.
10. Bumming it on the couch.
11. Epic naps.
12. Enough Chick-Flicks to send boys to tears.
13. Day date's to see The Vow.
14. Making our own [non-alcoholic] Sangria!
15. Dinner dates with best friend's from all over.
16. Plans for quite an epic camping trip coming it.
17. DJ-ing the roadtrip all the way back to school [90's music galore!]

Does it have to be Monday so soon?
xoxo, Lo

February 8, 2012


I absolutely adore other people's birthday's. I also love birthday week's. An entire week of excitement and anticipation. For the next few days I'll probably be missing just for that reason. It's birfday week for this lovely lady. I am the luckiest. So blessed to call her my momma.

I'll be updating soon! Hope you all have a fantastic week/weekend!
xoxo, Lo

Wish I were here Wednesday.

Wishing I were here. On an adventure. Sailing where ever the wind may take me. Soon enough. At least I get to celebrate Friday today, Hooray! Dear God, thank you for short weeks, I love them. And Birthday's. I love other people's birthday week. Seriously my favorite. Anddd it's Hump Day! Dear Wednesday, I love you.

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

"So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other. Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples." -John 13:34-35

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful.
xoxo, Lo

February 5, 2012


Ya know what I LOVE? Roadtrips. Roadtrips are da bomb. And nighttime roadtrips? Don't even get me started. Those are even better. Driving at night, good friends, good conversation. Everything seems just a little less serious. Especially when these trips lead HOME. Sometimes I forget how much I love that place. And those people.

Best familia ever :)

Best Friend night's :)

And a little bit of reminiscing about my oldest and most beloved teddy bear.

Meet Brown Bear. My oldest and most beloved bear. He now lives in a bag. Growing up problems.
Don't judge- I've had him since I was two. We were obviously best friend's.

Basically this weekend reminded me that I never wanna leave. Or grow up? Do I have too?

Happy Monday.
xoxo, Lo

Perfect Start.

The perfect start to the week I'd say :)

Hope you're weekend was wonderful!
xoxo, Lo