July 5, 2017

4th in Uganda.

I love America. And if that wasn't enough in and of itself, the American in me really couldn't let everyone else miss out on the gloriousness that is American Independence Day, even if I'm in Uganda. 

So of course I didn't. I've been excitedly planning this day for weeks because 'Merica!

Low and behold Jesus outdid me (of course He did). Monday afternoon as I watched a glorious rainstorm I threw out to one of my friends, "Wouldn't it be cool to go to a pool?" Now this friend was in America. Could do nothing to help in this cause along with the fact that I'm in the middle of Uganda and pools as I would describe them are few and far between.

Then I get a message from one of the women here I've become good friends with, "Hey! What are you doing tomorrow? You should come to Chobe with us!" Now side-note: Chobe is the full on 5-Star Safari Lodge about an hour and a half away from us, and I've never been.

Let me tell you a four-tiered pool overlooking the Nile River with a poolside bar? Followed by a burger buffet and cookout along with Ghirardelli Chocolate Brownies? 

Not on top of the fact that living in Uganda has made me more thankful than ever to be an American. It's amazing what you don't realize is unique until it's just not an option anymore. Having freedoms. Rights. Trusting (even just a little bit) in the government system. Being able to move about freely. It's good stuff. Stuff that I've taken for granted continuously throughout my life. I'm so thankful to have been born in a country that values these things. And the icing on the cake? To get to spend July 4th this year celebrating those truths in an absolutely beautiful place with great friends.

A really dark photo of our July 4th Spread.

Safari drive into Chobe.

Got my bloody mary by the pool. CHECK YES for July 4th!

I love Chobe.

Evey and I on the dining room deck at Chobe.


Passionfruit Margarita by the pool.


Views of the Nile + Pool at Chobe.

Views of the Nile from Chobe.

You can take the girl out of America but never America out of the girl.
Yes I did really wear this.

I totally think Warthogs are cute now. #Ugandalife

Hurry's + Laur Family Photo.

Best way to spend the 4th of July, even if there were no fireworks! ;)

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