June 30, 2011

Awkward and Awesome's.

- The Casey Anthony trial and how it is absolutely EVERYWHERE. Dear network television, I just want to watch normal TV again, kay? Thanks.
- People texting you incomplete information. Example: Them: "Hey you should come hangout with us tonight, we're all getting together at my place." Me: "Okay, well I 'm with some people right now but we'll see? Where are ya'll?" Them: "Small Town." Me: ".... okayy well have fun..." How do you respond to that haha?
- When you go to the dentist only to get to the door to have a "Advanced Dental has filed for Ch. 7 Bankrupy?" Are you kidding me? Ashton Kutcher am I being punked? Cause this is not happening. I'm so glad that here in America, people don't have to call to tell their customers that they are broke. Awesome.

- 3. Day. Weekend's.
- Walking into work, no matter you're mood and having tons of hugs from cute little 6 year olds.
- Cloudy days when you can play outside without sweltering in 100 degree heat.
- Hanging out with your best friend.
- Having a best friend who lets you be grouchy no matter what.
- Having some really wonderful suggestions for a 21st birthday party! Thank you. Really :)
- It being Thursday, cause tomorrow is Friday!

And in preparation for tomorrow being Friday, here's a lovely video. Sorry this will be in your head all day. But it's funny and makes me laugh. Enjoy!
xoxo, Lo

June 29, 2011


For real today has been such a hump day. I need to breathe, recoup, focus and pray. Good news is its the middle of the week.

If I have a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the explanation is - I was made for another world." - C.S Lewis

Happy Hump Day.
xoxo, Lo

June 28, 2011

The day I thought I'd have...

Today is field trip day at Camp. So of course I thought I'd be going ice skating with tons of little 5 and 6 year olds. False. They must not like me, cause I sure wasn't on the list but hey whatev's. I'm an adult I can handle it. So instead we sat at camp all day on the "old people's bench" as we counselors dubbed it. Then we counselors balanced on a skinny wooden fence and tried to see who could make it the furthest around. I have got to have my camera around more for pictures of fun stunts like that.

Oh and on a random cute note. My campers are hilarious. Today I asked one of the boys to tie his shoes before we played basketball. He couldn't, so I did. I tied one and then asked him to find the laces from the other shoe so I could tie them. He took off the shoe and looked for them. Pulled one out, searched for the other and then jumped up and yelled "I've been robbed! Someone stole my other shoe lace!" hahahaha I laughed so hard I fell over and the kids all stared at me. I think I secretly love this job.

Happy Tuesday Folks.
xoxo, Lo

June 26, 2011


This weekend: Hung out with best friend, made plans, broke plans, went shopping at the outlet mall [holllllaaaaa sales!] Wanted to layout at the pool for the house the bestie and I were house sitting at, couldn't cause it rained. Watched movies. Took a walk. Ate tacos, lots and lots of tacos. Made the huuuuuge tub a make-shift jacuzzi. Laughed with Best friend, poured out heart to best friend. Fantastic weekend <3

I love love love her.

12 tacos for $10. All. Over. That.

This is the back of the car of the random guys who tried to get out while we are on the road at a light to talk to us. So much laughter.

Little Cup, big straw. Thank you, Del Taco.

Successful taco experience.

We ate tacos for 2 days. But it was so worth it. Thank goodness for summer weekends and best friends. :)
Hope you had a sweet weekend!
xoxo, Lo

June 21, 2011

The time I was almost left at Gatorland

Today we went to Gatorland. Yeah that place. With 30-something 5 and 6 year olds. Yippee. And me. And it was 103 degrees out. I forgot how strange and funny kids could be.

Gatorland Logo

And nice side note- they totally almost left me at Gatorland. Yeah as in I was with a 5 year old in the bathroom, looked out and NO ONE WAS THERE. Yep, no one from our camp was in sight. Awesome sauce. And we were supposed to leave out a side gate. Holy moley! Luckily we kept walking and found them. Or I don't know what we would've done. I definitely have the other counselor's numbers now haha.
xoxo, Lo

June 17, 2011

Opinions Please?

Okay so in roughly 1 1/2 months I turn 21. 21. This is kind of a big deal. And even though I love Birthday's I usually limit that to other people's. My birthday kind of stresses me out. So what shall I do for my 21st? I like dressing up and dancing, but I'm not a huge crazy party animal. So what is left to do? What's the middle? What would be fun? Does anyone have any good, fun, crazy, but not tooooo crazy ideas? Sometimes a girl just needs some help.

Hope you're day is fabulous.
xoxo, Lo

June 16, 2011

Awkward and Awesome's.

Okay so Preface to this: I started work last week. At a summer camp. I work with the 6-year olds. So if these stories are strange... that would be why.

- 6 year olds.
- One of the little girls in my group went to the bathroom for way to long. When I asked why she had been gone so long she replied "I was constipated. What? It happens to everyone." Oh 6-year olds.
- Going to Gatorland.

- Late Night convo's.
- Water day at work.
- Field Trips.
- Weekends.
- Reading and relaxing and books and books and books.

Promise to have a better list next week. Fo real.
xoxo, Lo

June 14, 2011

Just one of those days.

So today I woke up. Seems normal enough right? Got up. Didn't bother putting my glasses on. Went to the bathroom, figured I could handle that without glasses right? Go into bathroom. Lift toilet seat. Briefly glance into toilet. See something swimming around in it. Bend over further. Ohmygosh I think it's a COCKROACH. Run back to room. Grab glasses and phone. Put glasses on. It is. It is a very much alive cockroach who seems to be taking a delightful little swim in my toilet bowl. Call my mother because this is unbelievable. I should've known. It was obviously going to be one of those days. It was only later I realized I should have gotten a photo. Oops.

I always was afraid of a snake coming up the toilet. But never a roach. Anyone ever have a creepy morning surprise of this nature?

Hope you aren't having "One of those" Tuesday's.
xoxo, Lo

June 13, 2011

Just a little Icing.

Sometimes I love surprise messages from wonderful people. Or a phone call from them. Seriously can make all the difference. And provide a little bit of smile to a crazy first day back at work :)


Happy Monday!
xoxo, Lo

June 11, 2011

Summertime List

So Summer is my absolute favorite time of the year. I love the warm weather. Cool nights. Complete freedom. Silly adventures. And the ability to try anything and everything new. Seriously, though, summer is bigger for me that New Year's when it comes to resolutions. And since I have roughly a million dreams for this summer I figured I'd share.

1. Actually use those years of piano lessons I have and play that piano. It's just sitting there calling my name. It's lonely. The least I can do is go back and play it a bit right?
2. Running. I've already run twice since I've been home. And it was awesome. Let's keep that up all summer kay self?
3. SEW. I want to learn to sew. For real. I even have a sewing machine courtesy of a lovely lady. I just really want to learn!
4. Figure out a car engine. I have this theory that I can read a book and understand stuff. That's not always true but I wanna try anyway.
5. Be Artistic. I have all these ideas spinning around in my head. It's time to use some of them.
6. Actually use the guitar sitting in my room. And learn to play something other than "Row your boat".

There's way more to this list but I've postponed posting it for so long that I'm just gonna have to add to it as we go.

Here's to Summer Everyone!
xoxo, Lo

June 2, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

- Dinner at a table with your ex-boyfriend. Enough said!
- Recalling a story about your best friend and this guy from your church who asked her out... and then said guy is across the room! Ekkkkkkk!
- Dreaming about ex-boyfriends.
- Waking up to a phone call from our city's recreation department. Seeing their number on the caller id. Running to wake up my sister [Cause i'm hoping they are calling her for a job!] we both run to the answering machine. They leave a message. For me. Only. Fail.
- Deciding to be healthy and then eating a plate of fried mozzarella sticks and fried dino nuggets for dinner. Fail.

- Seeing my best friend from middle school tomorrow. Holla.
- Getting my summer job back. Win!
- Dino Nuggets. [Seriously, why did we ever stop eating these?!]
- Reading books every day this week.
- Getting books and CD's in the mail.
- Writing letters. I love writing letters! Anyone wanna be my pen-pal? It would be awesome I promise! :)
- Tomorrow is Friday.
- Best friend's birthday is Saturday! Yippeppeeeeee! :)

Happy Thursday Folks! Be awkward and awesome!
xoxo, Lo

June 1, 2011


Okay. So I try very hard to be the woman Christ wants me to be. And in the past 2 days I would like to think I've succeed. I've talked to an ex-fling who is still super cute, delt with parental drama and divorce, and had an entire meal with my ex-boyfriend of 4 years.

But here's the funny part. You can call it karma, or God, or simply coincidence. I tend to call it God but hey it's your call. It's hysterical when ex-boyfriend's get fat. I'm just saying. As much as I strive to think positively about them it just makes me laugh to realize that said boy has become the cubby bunny of the group. Growing up has done nothing but good things for me. I've learned and grown and changed and it is all for the better, really. But for some people I guess those changes aren't always positive. So here's to self-esteem boosting in the worse way possible. Sorry, but we as girls know it's true. He might've stared a little too much. And he may be chubby. Too bad for him. Or should I say Karma Sucks? ;)

Happy Hump Day!
xoxo, Lo